GO Compensation

Youngevity has one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. The Youngevity Compensation Plan is what’s known as a Unilevel compensation plan. This payment structure essentially allows you to sign up as many Associates as you can. As they advance through the organization, your income will grow. Your personal compensation depends on your ability to identify like-minded individuals to join your organization and to guide them to eventually become Leaders themselves. Generally, you’re looking for individuals who, just like you:

  • Are interested in owning their own businesses
  • Want control over the hours they work
  • Want the freedom to determine their income

One of the great advantages of the Youngevity Compensation Plan is that your income is essentially limitless. Many of our Team Members make six—or even seven—figures annually!* It’s up to you to determine your own success, through the people you bring on board and by the amount of dedication and hard work you’re willing to invest in your business.

*This is not an income guarantee. Youngevity does not guarantee that you will be financially successful. Your success depends on your effort, dedication, and sales skill.


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